The Winemaker

The Philosophy

The Winemaker

I was dragged up in the Cape Wine Lands of Southern Africa, where as a boy I fell in love with aroma, all things botanical, and my wife Fiona. 

After an education at Stellenbosch University, we moved to Margaret River in 2007 and never left. 

I have had the privilege of working with some of the best growers and makers in the region during my time here, and still am to this day. 

Margaret River has a way of inspiring and driving people, thus in 2013 I started tripe.Iscariot with every last dollar I had. 

My wines are a vinous personification of my life and my experiences, my family and the place we call home.    


The Place

The Philosophy

The Winemaker

 Margaret River is a unique outcropping of almost uncannily perfect topography and climate on the South-Western coast of Australia. 

It has all of the ingredients to make for great terroir: well drained and modestly fertile soils, wet winters and, dry and moderate summers. 

It also holds the unspoken facet of terroir: the right people.

It is through the dogged persistence and truly visionary work of our forebears that we stand where we are today. Their work and constant experimentation is what has left us with the refined arsenal of varieties and clones that are so well suited to our region.     


The Philosophy

The Philosophy

The Philosophy

  Tripe.Iscariot started as an experiment in flavour, texture and style. 7 years later it has been refined into a dedication to intensity in flavour, fineness in texture, and distinction in style.

I strive to achieve this set of ideals by only picking the best fruit possible for my wines,  staying my hand when the fruit needs me to listen, and intervening when the fruit needs to listen to me.

As a winemaker in Margaret River I have a responsibility to ensure that every bottle of wine that I put that name onto is of the highest quality, thus I live as a winemaker by one rule alone: 

I only make wines that I love to drink.  


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